Volunteering in the US

Volunteering in the US

Volunteering Needs a Reboot

Volunteering with a purpose can be the difference for nonprofits

Did you know that Volunteering in the United States has been declining over the last decade? We have lost over 13,000,000 (conservatively) volunteers within the last decade yet we are adding more and more nonprofits to the landscape of the US. In Colorado alone, a state which has seen a massive population growth in the last two years, relatively speaking, we have added more nonprofits than people in the state!

Giving is still, even with a record amount of donations in 2015 (lastest year we have stats on), the country is still giving at 2% of GDP. So we aren’t giving more. We aren’t giving more time. Yet we are creating new nonprofits almost daily in the US.

Something has to change.

Trends in giving, both individually and on a corporate level, are not addressing the needs of our local communities. Most of the giving in the US is going to attempting to combat global issues. Local community needs, although great for local news, are rarely addressed in an efficient and effective manner. More and more people are becoming less and less connected to their communities and therefore local needs are less and less likely to be met.

People want to engage. Or so the say. Local gardens and other projects are being tackled which is great! But engagement with local nonprofits, time and money, seems to be much more of a challenge.

Is it that people are less giving? Less Connected? Less interested? Dont trust that nonprofits can do it?

We at MADvolunteer.com and DoingGood.ROCKS are dedicated to not just answer these questions, but create new initiatives, innovation, and paradigms of community involvement which will address more local community needs as well as create more local connectedness between individuals, local companies, local governments, and of course, nonprofits.

Want to help? Simply get involved on MADvolunteer.com! And let’s get started!

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